A perfect evening of live jazz music on the grass at the Brimmer Amphitheater in Cheyenne

Amaya Arevalo and Matt Rathkey on saxophones.

Our concert in Lions Park was our first chance to play since COVID changed everything.

This has been a difficult time for musicians and for live music. With the outbreak of Covid-19 in March, events suddenly stopped, and we had to cancel performances that had been scheduled beginning in March. We have not had the opportunity to play until now, so we were thrilled that Michelle Woerner, Bob Jensen, and the board of K9s for Mobility came up with the idea to have an outdoor concert at the Brimmer Amphitheater in Lions Park. K9s 4 Mobility’s “All Jazzed Up 2020” was just a perfect evening. The acoustics in the amphitheater were amazing and filled the grassy seating area with sound. Folks were able to sit at a safe distance and enjoy the music without the risk of breathing virus. We were so grateful to be able to gather outside to make music again. It was a perfect evening of live jazz music on the grass.

We played a bunch of songs I love, and I’ve uploaded a couple that I caught on my recorder.

Amaya Arevalo on piano, Bobby Wiens on drums, Dennis Griffing on bass, Matt Rathkey on alto sax, Peter Queal on guitar and vocals, Jane Robinett on vocals.
“Redshift” by Patricia Barber featuring Jane Robinett on vocals, Peter Queal on guitar, Amaya Arevalo on piano, Matt Rathkey on alto saxophone, Dennis Griffing on bass, and Bobby Wiens on drums.
“Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” by Joe Zawinal featuring Matt Rathkey and Amaya Arevalo on saxophones, Peter Queal on guitar, Dennis Griffing on bass, and Bobby Wiens on drums.

Close to You

Finally, we closed with an original tune that Amaya Arevalo wrote and performed accompanying herself on piano called “Close to You” about being apart from the people we love during this time. As she was playing the sun was setting and the moment was magical. Here is a video she and Tyler Hall produced earlier of her performing her song.

Amaya Arevalo playing “Close to You.”

The Mission of K9s 4 Mobility

Founded in 2012, K9s 4 Mobility is a non-profit organization dedicated to enrichng the lives of others through the training, placement and support of assistance dog partnerships. They are a 501c3 non-profit and have trained and placed 33 assistance dogs since they began their work enriching the lives of their owners by enhancing their mobility, increasing their independence and confidence, and providing devoted companionship.