July 12: a great night at the Suite Bistro featuring Paul Gomez on guitar

JRQ--0539-webWe had a terrific time playing at the Suite Bistro with our special guest, Paul Gomez, on guitar and our newest band member, Eli Johnson, on guitar and trombone.

Paul and Pete have played together since they were 14 years-old, growing up in Greeley.  Their first real “gig” was playing a homecoming dance in Grover, Colorado when they were barely old-enough to drive there.  Paul and Pete toured together with Blues Legend, Little Milton, traveling across the US and to the Bellinzona Blues Festival in Italy in 2005.   Paul is a world-class musician in the style of Wes Montgomery.  He moves seamlessly between jazz to rock to blues.  He lives in southern California with his wife, Karen.  We appreciate both of them so much.

Eli Johnson is the newest member of our group.  He is a master on jazz guitar and trombone.  Eli is majoring in music performance at CSU in Fort Collins.  He loves jazz and also composes his own original jazz tunes.

Pete loves a challenge and the band delivered.  The guys were brilliant on “Solar,” a technically challenging Miles Davis tune, and on “Four on Six” by Wes Montgomery.