A Little Cool, a Lotta Hot! More Jazz at The Suite

We’ll be back at  The Suite Bistro in Cheyenne this Saturday, September 3, for “A Little Cool–a Lotta Hot” jazz.

New Latin Jazz Tunes and Old Favorites

We’ve planned an exciting show featuring some new Latin Jazz tunes.  I’ve always loved Alvado Carrillo’s 1959 classic, “Sabor a Mi.”  I’ve heard that many consider it to be the most beautiful Mexican love song.  We will also be playing “Sao Miguel,” a bolero written by acclaimed guitarist, Robin Nolan, and Brandi Shearer.  There will be some Antonio Carlos Jobim–“Corcovado”–as well as “Sway,” “Perfidia,” and my personal favorite, “Quizas, Quizas, Quizas.”Live jazz at the Suite Bistro September 3

Stickin’ With You, Baby–Some Blues

I love Catherine Russell who has done so much to revive some of American’s best blues tunes. We’re playing a cover of “Stickin’ With You, Baby” by Henry Glover and Rudy Toomes. Ms. Russell does a killer rendition on her 2011 album, Bring it Back, which I love.  She is the first person to cover this song since Little Willie John recorded it in 1970.

On the Sunny Side of the Street–Great tunes from the Prohibition Era.

Since we played the Historic Governors’ Mansion Prohibition Party last weekend, I stuck on some wonderful songs from the 20’s.  “On the Sunny Side of the Street,” “How Deep is the Ocean,” “St. James Infirmary” are a few, and you’ll love Shawn Mickelson’s brilliant trumpet solos on these.

Lush Life

This is a classic jazz tune by Billy Strayhorn which I love to sing.  John Coltrane invited Johnny Hartman to record it with him.  Here’s a link to that classic recording:   John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman–Lush Life

Call 307-634-1901 for a Table

Seating is limited at The Suite, so call today for a table.  Come early and enjoy their fabulous dinner menu, then and stay for a signature cocktail and enjoy the show.  We go on at 7:30.