New Live Music Video: “Comes Love”

I’m thrilled with our new live music video:  “Comes Love.”  This is one of my favorite tunes, and I just posted it here.  Sam Stept wrote the music for this song in 1939 and Lew Brown and Charles Tobias added lyrics for the Broadway musical Yokel Boy starring Phil silvers and Buddy Ebsen.  It’s bluesy with just the right amount of campiness.

The musicians on this recording are just amazing:  Scott Martin on piano with Anisha Rush on alto sax, Gonazlo Teppa on bass, Dru Heller on drums.  Many thanks to Ben Makinen at Bmakin Music Film & Photography and also to Colin Bricker at Mighty Fine Productions for sound engineering.   Finally, I especially appreciate Scott Martin and his label, Liberian Handshake Records, for putting this together for me.